Podcast #16 – Landlord Smoke Alarm & Electrical Standards

Podcast #15 – Rentvesting | How To Maintain Your Lifestyle While Entering The Property Market
September 12, 2018
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Podcast #16 – Landlord Smoke Alarm & Electrical Standards

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Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk to Jacob Gschwandtner, Project Manager & Electrician at Dyno Electric.

We talk about the smoke alarms and electric standards that landlords must know.

We Cover:

  • Why is electrical safety important for landlords?
  • What is the most effective way to stop electrical harm from occurring?
  • What amount of electrical work can landlords do themselves?
  • What is a landlords obligation to supplying & maintaining smoke alarms?
  • Any other electrical tips for landlords?

You can reach Jacob Gschwandtner at:

Email: projects@dynoelectric.com.au
Phone: 08 7231 0361
Online: https://www.dynoelectric.com.au


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